Churchill's dentures to be auctioned

Gold-mounted dentures worn by Winston Churchill when he made some of his most famous speeches during World War II are expected to fetch $7,500 at an auction to be held July 29 in Norfolk, U.K., according to a story in the Daily Mail.

Churchill, the prime minister of Great Britain during World War II, wore the dentures when he rallied England during its darkest days in the fight against Nazi Germany.

In all, he had three sets made. One set went with him to his grave, while another was donated to the Royal College of Surgeons' museum, according to the Daily Mail. The third set was returned to Derek Cudlipp, the dental technician who made them. Cudlipp's son, Nigel, is responsible for putting them up for auction.

Churchill had multiple sets made because he feared breaking them when he got upset, according to Cudlipp. If he got angry, he would bite down on them and break them, Cudlipp told the Daily Mail. As a result, his father was contacted day or night to repair them or fit Churchill with a spare set.

Cudlipp said his father even escaped being called up to fight in the war because of the need for him to keep Churchill's dentures in order.

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