MoGo unveils flavored mouthguards for dental offices

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MoGo Sport, which last year launched a line of colorful flavored mouthguards for athletes of all ages, has now introduced a line of flavored laminates specifically for dental offices to create custom mouthguards for their patients.

MoGo Sport was founded in 2011 by Bruce Angus, a former soccer player who was seeking a solution to a recurring problem: athletes not wanting to wear mouthguards because of the way they taste. MoGo's solution? To add flavor, thus improve user compliance.

The company signed an exclusive global license with researchers from the University of Wisconsin who developed a process that allows plastic to be infused with flavoring and introduced its flagship product, the MoGo mouthguards, to the retail market last July.

The mouthguards retail for $11.99 and come in eight colors -- blue, green, red, black, yellow, orange, white, and pink -- and five flavors -- mint, lemon, fruit punch, orange, and bubble gum. All the flavorings are natural and are compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration -- no different than what goes into Gatorade, according to the company.

Now the company has introduced the MoGo Pro line, designed for dentists and athletic trainers who want to make custom, flavored mouthguards for their patients and clients.

The two-shot mouthguard is made of bisphenol A (BPA)-free ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) on the outer-shot perimeter to maintain the integrity of the mouthguard. The inner shot, which is made of a softer material, contains the flavoring. Pockets of material in the back molar section are designed to trigger the saliva glands, while the rest of the flavoring is placed along the upper teeth line.

"In the custom mouthguard market, all of the development in this category has been along the lines of decoration, such as team colors and designs," Angus told "But we can create the laminate sheets that dentists and dental labs use to make mouthguards, and now they can make them with flavors and offer a range of flavors."

The MoGo Pro laminates come in two shapes and sizes: 5 x 5-inch square and 4.88-inch diameter. A single pack of six sells for $39.99; for orders of 10 to 20 packs, customers receive 10% off the entire order, and 15% off for orders of 21 or more packs.

"Competing products often sell for $50 or more, depending on the distributor," said Jeff Bradanini, MoGo's digital marketing director. "But we are selling direct to dentists, not through distributors."

MoGo can provide sample flavor sticks to let patients taste them and choose which flavor they want the custom mouthguard to contain, the company noted.

Other companies have tried to add flavoring to mouthguards in the past but with limited success, according to Angus.

"There have been some rudimentary attempts to do this, mostly through a spray or coating," he said. "But once it interacts with saliva, much like chewing gum, the flavor is stripped away in about five minutes. But with ours, the flavoring is embedded right in the plastic, so as long as the plastic is intact, the flavor will last."

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