Vita launches 2 new restorative products

Vita has released two new products for its In-Ceram restorative materials: Vita In-Ceram YZ Disc Color and Vita In-Ceram YZ Disc HT (high translucent).

Available in precolored, monochromatic shades, Vita YZ Disc Color utilizes a controlled coloring process, producing a uniform quality of shades and eliminating the need for manual coloring, the company explained in a press release. Three shade variations are available: light, medium, and intense. If needed, additional coloring with Vita Coloring Liquid can be used for more subtle shade variations.

Vita YZ Disc HT is a highly translucent material that has natural light refraction properties and is designed for the efficient fabrication of fully anatomical restorations, the company noted. It can be utilized as an economical alternative to nonveneered or partially veneered metal restorations. Its translucency prevents the need for veneering.

Both products can be processed in all open CAD/CAM systems that can accept disks with a diameter of 98 mm and heights of 14 mm and 18 mm.

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