Isolite debuts brighter illuminator system at CDA

2010 05 11 14 14 55 761 2010 05 11 Isolite 200

Isolite Systems will debut a brighter, more technically advanced LED Smart Stick for its Isolite dryfield illuminator during the California Dental Association (CDA) meeting in Anaheim, May 13-16.

The LED Smart Stick hosts the Isolite system's light source, cooling technology, and illumination settings.

In addition to boosting the LED Smart Stick's light output by 100%, Isolite has made improvements to the structure and strength of the polycarbonate lens, improved the self-regulating cooling technology, and made the electronic component almost completely resistant to water/spray, according to the company.

2010 05 11 14 14 55 761 2010 05 11 Isolite 200
The LED Smart Stick for the Isolite dryfield illuminator. Image courtesy of Isolite.

The LED Smart Stick is a complete lighting system that comes in package about the size of a computer flash drive. One button controls five light-intensity settings, including a cure-safe setting for working with light-sensitive dental materials.

"We have seen exciting advances in LED technology and wanted to bring those advancements to our customers in a meaningful way," said Jim Hirsch, president of Isolite Systems. "We were able to double the light output for the Isolite and make other significant improvements in order to provide our customers with an even brighter, more robust product."

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