CarieScan opens first U.S. office

2010 09 30 14 27 25 855 Carie Scan 150

CarieScan has established a North American presence with a new office in Charlotte, NC. The office will be responsible for the sales and marketing of CarieScan Pro, sold exclusively through Patterson Dental.

2010 09 30 14 27 25 855 Carie Scan 150
CarieScan Pro handheld device. Image courtesy of CarieScan.
CarieScan Pro is a handheld device designed to enhance the early detection and monitoring of dental caries. It not only measures the presence of tooth decay, it also identifies lesions at their earliest stage and is more than 90% accurate in detecting both sound and carious teeth, according to the company.

CarieScan Pro consists of a handpiece and a disposable sensor that is held against the tooth for approximately four seconds to assess the presence of tooth decay. It uses AC impedance spectroscopy to determine the mineral density of the dental substrate. The results are analyzed by a built-in computer and show up immediately on the unit's pyramid-shaped color LED display, with green indicating sound teeth, yellow indicating initial caries, and red indicating established caries, according to the company.

CarieScan was established in May 2008 and uses technology developed at the universities of St. Andrews and Dundee.

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