Gendex expands imaging product portfolio

Gendex Dental Systems has added three new imaging systems to its product offerings: the GXDP-700, the GXDP-300, and the GXPS-500.

The GXDP-700 series features a pan comprised of a myriad of projections that can be upgraded in the field to add cephalometrics, cone-beam CT, or both. The 3D component, with two scan size options, complements diagnosis and planning for targeted areas of interest in applications such as impactions, root investigation, and implants, the company noted.

The GXDP-300 panoramic offers pan, bitewing, and temporomandibular joint views for three body sizes, while the GXPS-500, which augments the company's current photostimulable phosphor (PSP) line, offers a chemical-free, touchless process with reusable imaging plates.

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