DePuy Synthes launches patient-specific plates for mandible

DePuy Synthes CMF has launched patient-specific plates for mandible (PSPM). The PSPM is the latest addition to the company's Trumatch CMF portfolio of preoperative planning services, intraoperative tools, and patient-specific devices for surgeons.

PSPM includes a range of customizable design features that the surgeon can select before surgery, including plate thickness and shape, as well as screw hole locations, pattern, and angulation, according to the company. The plates are available in 2.0-mm- and 2.5-mm-thick profiles, and can be customized based on patient anatomy and surgeon specifications.

The company then designs and manufactures the plate to the preplanned patient anatomy, which is 3D-milled from a solid block of titanium to its final shape and is never bent. This eliminates the need for plate bending in the operating room, which can induce mechanical stress and increase the potential for plate breakage.

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