Interview: Dental business tips and tricks with Lisa Aguirre

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In this episode of the Cellerant podcast series, powered by, Lisa Aguirre from Roland DGA discussed the importance of a patient-centric mindset in the dental industry. She emphasized the need to listen to customers and adapt to their needs to provide the best service.

Our conversation also explored the role of innovation and technology in dentistry, particularly in the context of digital workflows and same-day dentistry. The importance of setting realistic expectations and collaborating with dental laboratories is highlighted. The episode concludes with a discussion about culture in dentistry, and Aguirre offered her advice on how dental practices can achieve success.

For Aguirre, the concept of a digital workflow is still evolving in the dental industry.

"If you think back to, and I'm going to date myself a little bit, but when you think back to when offices started integrating digital x-ray systems and things like that, it was a big wow. And we evolved, and we adapted to technology," Aguirre said.

"The same thing with practice management systems," she continued. "Years ago, when I first started in clinical private practice, we had a handwritten appointment book. And I remember when we first were integrating and switching over from a DOS-based system to a Windows-based system, there was lots of resistance to change and just so many learning curves going on there. But then you adapt to it as you learn, and you realize how much easier it makes your life."

"I think the same thing happens as far as digital workflow. Most clinicians now are using some type of intraoral scanner, whether it might be to do something like Invisalign, whether it might be to send their cases out to the dental laboratory. So the next step of that is really just taking care to the next level for patients. And I'm not talking about replacing your dental laboratory as a whole. I'm talking about those everyday bread-and-butter, easy posterior cases. Why not maximize production dollars per hour? Why not provide more convenience to your patients?"

Watch our complete video interview below.

Interview takeaways

  • Being patient-centric is crucial in the dental industry.
  • Listening to customers and adapting to their needs is essential for providing the best service.
  • Innovation and technology play a significant role in advancing dentistry.
  • Setting realistic expectations and collaborating with dental laboratories are important for successful digital workflows.
  • Culture is important at every level of dentistry and can create a positive patient experience.
  • Treating others with integrity and respect is key to success in business.

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