Carestream Dental celebrates 40 years of RVG sensor technology

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Carestream Dental is celebrating 40 years of RadioVisioGraphy (RVG) sensory technology in dental practices.

In 1982, Dr. Francis Mouyen, a French dentist, patented a way to convert x-ray energy into light and direct it to a light-sensitive sensor. The ability to capture x-rays immediately without film processing and on a monitor was a breakthrough in the field of dentistry.

Dr. Mouyen RVG prototype. Photo courtesy of Carestream Dental.Dr. Mouyen RVG prototype. Photo courtesy of Carestream Dental.

Mouyen partnered with engineers at Trophy Radiology, now owned by Carestream Dental, to commercialize the sensor. The design has since gone through many iterations, from initially requiring a large electronic unit with a display screen to the small portable sensor it is today.

Beyond the benefits of portability and the ability to see x-rays instantly, advanced sensor technology has reduced the dose of radiation to patients. As the technology evolved, RVG became the first digital intraoral system to equal or exceed dental film resolution. RVG was further adapted for extraoral imaging systems, Carestream noted.

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