Caries imaging device to launch at Yankee Dental Congress

Scotland-based dental imaging firm Calcivis will launch its handheld, wireless tooth decay dental imaging device at the 2024 Yankee Dental Congress, which is being held in Boston January 25-27.  

The launch of the device, which is designed to visualize enamel demineralization and can aid in identifying early carious lesions, will be a limited release available in the greater Boston area. The company’s U.S. headquarters are in Milton, MA.

The Calcivis imaging device. Image courtesy of Calcivis.The Calcivis imaging device. Image courtesy of Calcivis.

The device uses a patented photoprotein that produces a short, low-level light when in the presence of free calcium ions released from an actively decaying tooth surface. An integrated intraoral sensor detects the light flash, presenting clinicians with a chairside demineralization map. The system can be used for adults and children ages 6 and older.

In preparation for its U.S. commercial rollout, Calcivis hired Jill McGregor as chief financial officer and Ronald Frezel as vice president of sales and marketing.

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