Aseptico launches new dental implant motor

Dental Implants

Dental equipment manufacturer Aseptico has launched a new dental implant motor.

The Aseptico 1070 Series Implant Motor.The Aseptico 1070 Series Implant Motor.Image courtesy of Aseptico Inc.

The Aseptico 1070 series implant motor is compact with a water-resistant chassis design. It has an intuitive interface with a touchscreen, which allows for easy motor setting adjustments. In addition, the brushless 40,000 RPM motor has multifunction foot control and uses autoclavable irrigation tubing.

The retail price for the motor, which comes with a two-year motor warranty, is $3,550. From June 1 through August 21, buyers will receive a free Mont Blanc 20-to-1 handpiece with each purchase of a 1070 series motor.

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