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Sixteen crowns and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt? Maybe not, if you attended the Yankee Dental Congress 33 held in Boston last week. In sessions such as "Tax Issues for Young Dentists" you would have learned how to pay less in taxes and save more. You'd also learn, in hundreds of other sessions, how to make the right clinical choices, how to wrest the most from your Cerec machine, how to create exquisite implants, and more.

Luckily, you didn't have to go to the Yankee show; we went for you. The Yankee Dental Congress is one of the biggest regional dental conferences on the planet, with over 500 vendor exhibits and hundreds of sessions, covering everything from antibiotic use to practice management planning.

DrB hit the ground running with a squadron of Vespa-equipped editors, who motored down the corridors in search of the most interesting and relevant sessions worth writing about. (Ok, I'm making up the part about the scooters. But the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center is so big you need a jet pack to get around. We ran a lot.)

Big it was, and packed with a number of fascinating sessions, including:

  • Want to do multiple restorations with Cerec for a patient at one sitting?Quadrant dentistry with Cerec has arrived. This session delved deeply into showing dentists how to efficiently and predictably coordinate, manage, and ultimately create multiple restorations in one sitting. Click here for more.
  • Good tax news, dentists. The Feds are making it easier for you to pay less in taxes and save more money when you file your tax return. What are the tips, tricks, and traps? Click here to save money!
  • What were the hot products at the show? How about a Cerec competitor? Stem cells for growing your own teeth? A better whitener? The truth is out there...right here.
  • Need to create beautiful smiles in complicated situations? Take a cue from two masters of the craft. Learn how they've solved last-minute dental disasters, get tips on making perfect impressions, using the right cementation, getting veneer color right, and more.
  • Aren't microscopes just for endodontists? Nope, says endodontist Roger Lacoste. He shows you how a 20x microscope can be a boon in crafting superior restorations, and finding tooth-threatening cracks and fissures. Click here for the story.

And there's still more on the DrBicuspid.com home page. Coming up this week and next: reports on antibiotic use and abuse, taking picture-perfect X-rays, picking the right software to manage your practice, sleep apnea, computer-guided implants, and more.

Blast from the past

Our story last week on Novalar's anesthetic reversal drug was hugely popular. Don't miss it. Click here for the scoop.

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