Do you need cone-beam CT?; build a perfect Web site; CDA preview

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It's as if your patient's flesh became suddenly transparent. Such is the power that cone-beam CT (CBCT) is bringing to dental offices around the world. But the huge leap in technology comes with a price tag to match. That's why this week we're offering the first article in a two-part series examining the pros and cons of buying your own CBCT scanner. To find out whether a CBCT system is right for your practice, click here.

The story is part of our new Imaging Community, which covers all topics related to dental imaging. You can also get an advance look at imaging news in the future by subscribing to our Imaging Insider e-mail newsletter, which will start next month. To subscribe, just click here.

If you do invest in CBCT, you'll want the world to know. And one of the most cost-effective means to market your practice is through your own Web site. In the second of three articles on building your perfect Web site, we take a look at developing, hosting, and promoting an Internet presence, available by clicking here.

But isn't just about technology. The past week also brought news from the legal field: The ADA settled a lawsuit brought by dental students who were accused of cheating -- falsely, they claimed -- on their dental boards. And a North Carolina lawyer filed suit on behalf of a 5-year-old who got 14 pulpotomies and crowns in one appointment. Click here for that story.

Also this week, we offer an especially rich harvest of short items: The FDA invites comments on amalgam and approves a new kind of latex glove.

But that's not all -- check back with us on Thursday and Friday as we file same-day reports from the California Dental Association's semiannual meeting in Anaheim. Until then, you can read our preview by clicking here.

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