New imaging tool brings dental plaque to light

2009 01 29 11 10 06 455 Inspektor Tc

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have developed a new dental device designed to identify plaque buildup in the mouth before it is visible to the human eye, according to the university.

The toothbrush-sized product, the Inspektor TC, has a blue light at its tip that, when shone around the mouth and viewed through yellow glasses with a red filter, allows plaque to be seen easily as a red glow.

2009 01 29 11 10 06 455 Inspektor Tc
Image courtesy of the University of Liverpool.

The device, produced in collaboration with Inspektor Research Systems -- a company better known for its work with quantitative light fluorescence -- is intended for everyday use in the home, according to the scientists.

"Inspektor TC is designed so that people can easily incorporate it into their daily dental hygiene routine at home," said Sue Higham, Ph.D., a professor of oral biology at the university's School of Dental Sciences. "We now hope to work with industry partners to develop this prototype so that people can use it in the home to identify plaque before any serious dental work is needed."

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