Former employees accuse dental chain of deceiving patients

Former workers have accused dental chain Allcare Dental and Dentures of deceiving its patients to increase profit margins, according to an Ohio TV station news report.

The company has been involved in five lawsuits in Ohio and 12 in Pennsylvania, with complaints ranging from allegations of negligence to misleading patients, the TV station reported.

Also, the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office confirmed to that Allcare reached a consumer settlement totaling $135,000 with them last month. The company was accused of not honoring advertised discounts, using confusing information about limitations or qualifications for various promotions, and failing to provide consumers with information about financing services.

Allcare has not admitted any wrongdoing.

The station's investigative team also found 30 complaints about Allcare that were filed with the Ohio Attorney General's office in the past three years.

Allcare said that the number of complaints has fallen in recent years and that this is "a reflection of better policies." In addition, the company says the former Allcare employees interviewed in the TV report are disgruntled and it disputes their statements, the news report concluded.

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