Cloud computing comes to dentistry; what causes 'bleachorexia'?

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

Is dentistry ready for "the cloud"?

Whether you know it or not, you may already be using it. If you've ever downloaded an email from Hotmail, made a Skype phone call, bought something from Amazon, or checked your bank balance online, you've used cloud computing.

So what advantages does it bring to dentistry? Click here or visit the Practice Management Community to read about some companies that already offer dental-specific cloud-based services, and why some dental practices are singing their praises.

Meanwhile, in Cosmetics Community news, the popularity of teeth whitening has not waned despite the economic crisis. In fact, some patients may be suffering from "bleachorexia" -- the overuse of bleaching and whitening agents by people with an unrealistic idea of how white their teeth should be. Read more.

Finally, most U.S. states require a periodic assessment of all radiographic equipment in a dental, medical, or hospital setting. Now a novel device for evaluating the image quality and patient dose of intraoral x-ray systems that simplifies the process has caught the attention of several radiation protection agencies. Read more in this latest Imaging & CAD/CAM Community feature.

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