Will U.S. fluoridation debate ever end? And, a conversation with Dr. Pam McClain

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Following last week's validation of water fluoridation in two major U.S. cities, Assistant Editor Rob Goszkowski took a look at what continues to drive the fluoridation debate in communities across the U.S. Will those who support this practice ever be able to convince those who oppose it that the health benefits outweigh any potential risks? Read more.

In other news, oral health advocates met in Washington, DC, last week to talk with lawmakers about the "numbing statistics" surrounding the nation's oral healthcare crisis and the need to commit more resources at the state and federal levels. They also took time out to applaud the progress that has been made and to honor some key players in the effort. Read more.

And in our ongoing Leaders in Dentistry series, we talked with Dr. Pamela McClain, president of the American Academy of Periodontology, about the oral/systemic health link, the need to improve patient education to improve oral health, and the many things the academy has accomplished in the past 12 months under her leadership.

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