Levin on staying competitive; Butler on time management; chewing gum and oral bacteria

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A recent study by the Levin Group Data Center shows that nearly two-thirds of respondents reported production increases. The growth indicates that your fellow practice owners are upgrading their systems and making other positive changes. In his latest Practice Success tip, Dr. Roger P. Levin asks: How does your practice compare?

What is the key to your practice? Time, says stress management expert Jen Butler in her latest column. She writes that those who can master established time management and productivity tools can turn problems into opportunities.

Chewing gum has been associated with oral benefits such as fighting caries and increasing salivary flow, and now a new study in PLOS One has found that it can remove bacteria from the oral cavity. In fact, it may remove as much bacteria as brushing without toothpaste or flossing, according to the researchers. Read contributing editor Rabia Mughal's article here.

To help aid long-term success of endodontic procedures on teeth that have had previous root canals, the authors of a recent paper in the British Dental Journal suggest dismantling any restorations before treatment to assess the quality of the existing seal. They also examined the best practices for applying interim, temporary, and definitive restorations during and following a root canal. Read Assistant Editor Theresa Pablos' article here.

The PLOS One study above is a great example of how you can use science and time with your patients to improve their oral health. Your patients might hear about the study and conclude they don't need to floss as often. You can emphasize that the study findings don't mean they shouldn't floss or brush, but rather that they should take small steps every day to maintain and improve their oral health.

I'd like to welcome our new assistant editor, Theresa Pablos, to DrBicuspid.com. Theresa comes to us from NBC/Universal, and we are thrilled to have her on board.

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