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8 things that are holding you back
2015 02 15 23 17 12 996 Madow Brothers 200July 1, 2015 -- The Madow Brothers ask: Are you ready to take your practice to a higher level? Having problems getting there? Most likely, eight things are holding you back from getting what you want. What will happen if you fix these eight common problems? Your life may totally change.
The Naked Dentist pushes the 'dislike' button
2015 03 10 14 43 22 538 Marshall Curtis 200July 1, 2015 -- The like button is one of the best inventions since sliced bread. But where is the dislike button? In the case of Dr. Ohio and his four-chair practice, the dislike button wasn't where he thought it might be. How the Naked Dentist located the dislike button and turned it into a like button can help your practice thrive.
The growing trend of new leadership in dentistry
2015 06 29 15 54 05 135 Garnache Monica 200June 30, 2015 -- In a dental practice, what does the word leadership mean? Does it mean being cool, calm, authoritative, and dominant, or can it mean being warm, nurturing, and friendly? In this Second Opinion, Dr. Monica Garnache argues that leadership comes from taking risks and believing that you are doing the right things when you are true to yourself.
Dos and don'ts for goal setting: Time for a practice checkup
2014 02 13 13 44 50 61 Practice Success200x200June 29, 2015 -- We're now at the halfway point of the year. Do you know if your practice is on target to reach its annual goals for production, new patients, elective treatment, and case acceptance? Do you know what's working well and where improvements need to be made? If not, it's past time to analyze your numbers for 2015, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.
Understanding malpractice insurance: The claims process
2015 06 26 15 47 35 791 Malpractice V2 200June 29, 2015 -- While it's unfortunate, most dentists will be sued for malpractice during their career, according to Jennifer Gibson of MedPro. She explains the claims process, including how to evaluate your carrier, what constitutes malpractice, and what to expect if a lawsuit is filed.
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