COVID-19 rapid test kits and their effect on the dental community

2019 10 23 22 18 7991 Rice David 400

I have had numerous dentists reach out to me over the past few days with questions about the availability of rapid test kits in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and how these kits could potentially affect the dental profession.

With many of our practices temporarily closed, I absolutely understand why there is so much interest in rapid test kits that can provide results in as little as five minutes. However, there is something very important that dentists and dental team members must remember: At this point, using a rapid test kit in any setting is seen as a medical procedure. That means it is obviously something that falls outside of the dental scope.

Maybe this will change soon, and that's one of the things I talk about in the video below.

Also be sure to check out the link mentioned in the video and see how you might be able to aid that struggle for change. Consider if this is something you want to be a part of to help our industry rebound, in my opinion, at an even quicker pace.

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