ADA secures $250K new dentist COVID-19 recovery grant

2020 02 26 23 19 1148 Dentists Young 400

The ADA has received a $250,000 grant from Crest + Oral-B intended to support new dentist members whose businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has affected dentists at all career stages, but many new dentists carry student debt and lack the resources established dentists have accumulated, according to the ADA. New dentists are less likely to receive full pay than their established counterparts and are more likely to have had their Small Business Administration Payment Protection Program loan denied, it said.

The ADA will use the funds to develop programs and resources to "help new dentists get their careers back on track."

"For the last several weeks, many dentists have focused only on emergency and urgent treatment in response to the COVID-19 crisis," said ADA President Dr. Chad Gehani, DDS. "Now, as some states begin to lift their stay-at-home orders, dentists are beginning to reopen their practices for full-service care. New dentists, however, may have a more difficult time getting back on their feet and serving their patients due to the financial challenges presented by the pandemic."

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