Dental Board of California warns of scam

2019 09 09 17 51 4450 Scam Alert 400

The Dental Board of California is warning dentists in the state of a scam where callers claim to represent the board or another government agency.

The scam is part of an attempted fraud scheme, where the caller claims to be a board staff member or investigator. The caller then says the licensed dentist is under investigation for drug trafficking and demands money. The scam callers may even make their telephone numbers appear to come from the board.

The board is asking dentists who get this type of scam call to refuse the demand for payment and not disclose any personal information. The agency is also reminding dentists that it will never contact licensees to demand money or payment without an official investigation or inquiry.

Other steps to consider include the following:

  • Contact the board by phone (877-729-7789 or 916-263-2300) or email ([email protected]) to ask whether an official investigation is being conducted.
  • If the caller says he or she is from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), fill out the DEA's Extortion Scam online reporting form.
  • If the caller's phone number looks like a board telephone number, submit an online complaint with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

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