Podcast: Work-life balance and the financial mindset

Coming off a holiday where many of us in the U.S. spent time with family and friends doing what we wanted to do rather than what we were required to do, work-life balance may be at the top of many people's minds today.

While we all get some meaning and fulfillment from our jobs, we also know that our jobs are there to help us on the financial side of things, including giving us resources to do the things we love to do, ranging from hobbies to travel and more.

Joe Persichetti of U.S. BankJoseph Persichetti of U.S. Bank.

Is the money side of the equation key to achieving the perfect work-life balance? In a recent episode of "The DrBicuspid.com Podcast," I spoke with Joseph Persichetti of U.S. Bank for a deep dive into the financial impact on work-life balance but also what he is hearing from the newest generation of workers about what they want when it comes to their job and home life.

Podcast takeaways

  • Work-life balance is becoming increasingly important for the younger generation entering the workforce.
  • Surrounding yourself with the right team is key to being a good business owner and a good parent.
  • Having the right financial mindset and starting early with financial planning are important for achieving work-life balance.
  • Avoiding burnout requires making changes, setting goals, and being organized with your priorities.
  • Efficiency and technology can help in achieving work-life balance.
  • It's never too late to start working on work-life balance and surrounding yourself with a team.

Podcast chapters

00:00 -- Introduction and background
01:07 -- The importance of work-life balance for the younger generation
06:20 -- The role of financial mindset in work-life balance
09:04 -- Starting early with financial planning
12:00 -- Avoiding burnout by making changes and setting goals
15:45 -- Efficiency and technology in achieving work-life balance
16:39 -- It's never too late to start working on work-life balance

You can hear my entire conversation with Persichetti below, and you can learn more about some of the points made by him in the podcast by clicking here.

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