DVD educates patients in the waiting room

Looking for a new way to drill good oral habits into your patients? Patterson Dental is offering to do the job with a two-and-a half hour DVD about hygiene, esthetics, and other aspects of dental care.

This latest version of the disk, Caesy Smile Channel DVD 2008, features two new programs. Aimed at teens, "Talk Out Loud" tackles topics like smoking and nutrition. "Health Watch" emphasizes that oral health is an important part of overall health, and encourages patients to discuss the topic with the dental staff.

The DVD also features three presentations about new dental equipment. Among the technologies discussed: lasers, CAD/CAM, and VELscope (for early detection of oral cancer).

Offered in English and Spanish, the Caesy Smile Channel DVD 2008 features crisp graphics and streamlined menus for easy navigation, Patterson Dental says.

A primary site license for the DVD costs $1,999 and a secondary license $399.

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