Dos and don'ts for the new patient phone call

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Impress them right away

Your practice is under the microscope. Prospective and new patients judge your practice on everything -- how your team talks, how they dress, the office's appearance, the parking lot and bathroom, your demeanor, etc.

The best way to turn prospective patients into long-term patients is to exceed their expectations right from the start. And that process begins with the new patient phone call.

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Build value during the first phone call. The call has to be more than just jotting down the caller's name and putting him or her in the schedule. Your front desk personnel must build value for the practice, the dentist, and the services offered. You want prospective patients excited that they made the right choice for their dental care.

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Don't go through the motions. Front desk personnel are extremely busy -- welcoming patients, processing insurance, and scheduling patients for their next appointment during checkout. Sometimes the phone can be seen as an interruption. Don't let that attitude prevail in your practice. Emphasize to your team that the phone is the lifeline for growing the practice and bringing in more new patients.

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