Dos and don'ts for phone calls: Win the telephone game

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Telephone communication has been completely transformed in the past 20 years with the advent of the cellphone and voice mail. However, the phone still allows dental practices to connect with prospective patients in important ways.


Prepare front desk personnel with scripts. Every team member who answers calls should be pleasant, sound enthusiastic, and demonstrate a desire to be helpful. Callers need to be treated as if they are the only people in the world the practice serves. For prospective patients, this first impression establishes a standard of caring and customer service that plays a major role in case acceptance.


Don't miss an opportunity to build value. Script phone calls to build value in the practice and motivate patients to schedule appointments. With brief but clear messaging about professional credentials, how much current patients like the doctor, community outreach, and use of the latest technologies, to name a few items, the team can create bonds that enhance loyalty and confidence -- even before the first appointment.

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