IMEP offers special membership with ProAssurance

The Institute of Medical Emergency Preparedness (IMEP) is now offering a special discounted Medical Emergency Membership to physicians and dentists insured by ProAssurance, a medical professional liability insurer.

IMEP's Medical Emergency Membership offers year-round online medical emergency preparedness training that is designed to prepare healthcare professionals and their office teams to respond calmly, efficiently, and effectively during the critical time period between the onset of an office-based emergency and the arrival of emergency medical service professionals, the companies said.

"The skills that IMEP's program emphasizes could be the difference between life and death for a patient in an insured's office," said Hayes Whiteside, M.D., medical director and senior vice president at ProAssurance, in a press release. "Implementing this type of training program can enhance the care our insureds deliver and reduce the potential for a costly medical liability lawsuit."

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