Ariz. dentist gets Palin endorsement

Paul Gosar, D.D.S., an Arizona dentist running for U.S. Congress, picked up an endorsement from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on July 19.

"In addition to being a proud family man, Paul is a dentist, and as a small-business owner running his practice, Paul understands the challenges confronting job creators when DC stifles us with endless mandates, overregulation, plans to impose new energy taxes, and just generally (and unnecessarily) overreaches into the private sector," Palin wrote in her endorsement.

Dr. Gosar is running for the Republican nomination for the House of Representatives for Arizona's 1st Congressional District. He has been the Arizona Dental Association's Dentist of the Year and has been inducted into the association's Hall of Fame. He has been president of the Northern Arizona Dental Society and the Arizona Dental Association and vice chair of the ADA Council on Governmental Affairs.

On his website, Dr. Gosar calls for repeal of "anti-competitive protections for the insurance industry." He wants patients to be able to take insurance plans with them when they cross state lines, and he also calls for tort reform.

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