Dos and don'ts for cosmetic dentistry: It's about benefits

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During case presentation for aesthetic services, practices should emphasize key benefits. Providing clinical information is important but the primary emphasis should be how the treatment will improve the patient's smile and appearance. Rather than just wondering how the procedure will be performed, many patients want to know how the results will benefit them.

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Think visually. "A picture is worth a thousand words" goes the old saying. Seeing is believing, and simply using photos of models makes for an emotionally powerful and compelling presentation. If your patients can see how cosmetic treatment will benefit them and beautify their smiles, they will be motivated to improve their appearance and more likely to say yes to treatment.

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Don't focus on technical details. Many dentists still have a need-based mentality and overly emphasize clinical details when presenting cosmetic dentistry cases. A strictly clinical approach usually backfires when it comes to aesthetic procedures. Choosing whitening or veneers is not a logical or need-based decision, but rather an emotional one. When patient benefits are emphasized, more patients accept recommended treatment!

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