Dos and don'ts for increasing cosmetic production

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Increasing cosmetic case acceptance

Even in this economy, patients will still say "yes" to cosmetic and elective treatment. In fact, as more people change careers and go on job interviews, there could be an uptick in demand for whitening and other cosmetic services. The question is -- will your case presentation persuade them to say "yes" to treatment? It will if you do certain things right.


Show the power of a great smile. How do your team's smiles look? Are they in need of cosmetic enhancement? Are they a testament to your aesthetic skills? Levin Group recommends that dentists provide their teams cosmetic treatment for free or at a greatly reduced cost. When every team member has a beautiful smile, your team becomes a living endorsement of your cosmetic services.


Don't allow interruptions. The patient you're with is the most important patient in the world at that moment. That's what every patient should feel when you're in the room. Don't allow for interruptions during consultations, except for true emergencies. Cosmetic case acceptance is an emotional decision. Any interruption will interfere with this process.

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