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Building cosmetic dentistry in a tough economy

Every patient is a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. Even in today's economy, people will continue to pay for the services that make them feel better about themselves, especially cosmetic dentistry.

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Market cosmetic procedures. Your practice has the potential to increase cosmetic treatment. Here are some effective ways to start:

  • Hang signs in high-traffic locations (reception area, front desk, and clinical rooms) that promote your cosmetic services.
  • Create brochures and fact sheets to educate patients about your cosmetic procedures.
  • Post frequently asked questions (FAQs) and other information on your website about your cosmetic procedures.
  • Develop staff scripts so all interactions with patients mention cosmetic treatments in a friendly, informative manner.
  • Make sure you and your staff have beautiful smiles.

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Don't neglect the role of the hygiene department. Train your hygienists with proper scripting to educate patients on cosmetic options. Once you reach chairside, you can then suggest a cosmetic treatment without bombarding the patient with information. Remember, be caring and helpful, not obtrusive or forceful. Through this method, many patients will accept treatment while still in the chair.

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