Analytic tool compares fees charged by local competition

Patterson Dental has added analytical business tools from Mercer Advisors to its Explore Store online technology center to help dentists identify lost revenue and determine the overall health and performance of their practices, the company said in a press release.

The Limited Fee Analysis Report compares 20 common code practice fees to those of other local dental practices. The assessment helps dental practices identify where and how fee modifications can boost incremental revenue and gain competitive advantages, according to Patterson.

The Hygiene Opportunity Analysis Report provides accounting of incremental practice earning potential by maximizing the regular cycle of preventive patient appointments. The report outlines any hygiene gaps and identifies whether new patient flow is the result of patient attrition or true growth.

Patterson said the analysis also shows revenue opportunities when patient flow is consistent and accumulative. Potential opportunities for the practice include increasing hygiene production and profitability and adjusting practice fees to gain a competitive advantage.

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