Heraeus Kulzer offers precious metal scrap calculator

Heraeus Kulzer has introduced an online assay profit calculator that shows dental practices and laboratories how much they would get for precious metal scrap.

Payments are higher with Heraeus Kulzer because there are no treatment charges, freight charges, accountability charges, minimum lot charges, or third party charges, according to the company.

Heraeus Kulzer's fees are 10% for gold, platinum, and palladium, and 15% for sliver. If palladium's price is below $300 per ounce, the fee is a flat $30 per ounce.

To use the assay profit calculator, customers input a few pieces of data from their current refiner's assay settlement report: the total processed weight (in DWT -- pennyweights); the assay percentage for each of the four precious metals; the London precious metal price for each of the four metals (in DWT); and the total payment from the current refiner.

The calculator will indicate what the payment from Heraeus would have been and how that compares with what the customer received.

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