DrBicuspid.com Practice Management Insider: 5 tips for reducing operational costs

Dear Practice Management Insider,

While increasing income is one way to grow profit, many dental practice owners struggle with an already high workload and busy schedule. Chloeann Gordon of Wazu Holdings details five important steps you can take to help reduce your operational costs.

Also featured in the Practice Management Community, no matter what you see in magazines or read on message boards, there is only one "get rich quick" scheme that you can implement immediately and see results. You need to overdeliver on value to your patients, according to Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier.

You know dentistry is a high-stress, sometimes lonely profession. But as the Madow Brothers will help you remember, there are a number of reasons why being a dentist was named the best job in the country by U.S. News and World Report not so long ago.

In the new competitive dental economy, dentists who recognize the importance of promoting their practice strengths will gain the advantage and see their production and income multiply, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin. As CEOs, dentists are ultimately responsible for protecting and enhancing the practice's brand -- essentially the image of the business and everything associated with it.

If you want your office manager to succeed, you need to hire someone who has the right skill set and temperament for the job -- not just someone who's been with the practice for years. Practice management consultant Sally McKenzie offers three tips to help your office manager and your practice thrive.

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