Dos and don'ts for increasing production: Keeping more patients active

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A growing number of adults have stopped making dental appointments regularly. If you have a substantial number of inactive patients, take steps to maintain your relationship with them and, ideally, bring them back in for a visit. Otherwise, you may lose them forever.


Stay in touch and express concern for their oral health. Task your front desk coordinator with contacting inactive patients to suggest they come in for a routine hygiene visit and exam. The coordinator should remind them that only dental professionals can detect some problems before they become serious. If nothing else, such a call will "freshen" the patient-practice relationship and show that you care -- helping ensure that if these patients ever decide to see a dentist, they will come to you.


Don't be afraid to invest in patient reactivation. The perceived value of a free exam ("to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy") is much greater than its cost to you. The potential lifetime production from a patient makes this modest investment worthwhile.

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