Dos and don'ts for coaching your staff members

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Practice success requires active leadership from the dentist. Your team, no matter how highly trained or motivated, will still need encouragement and guidance from you. Even though you spend a great deal of your time caring for patients, look for opportunities to praise and support your team throughout the day.


Set the standard. Good leaders tell and show their teams how to act. You can't demand that your team arrive at 8:15 every morning when you stroll in at 8:45. Your behavior and attitude set the bar for your staff members. For example, if you respond calmly when faced with an unhappy patient, they will strive to follow your lead when dealing with a similar situation.


Don't take your team for granted. People want to be recognized and appreciated, no matter how long they've been with the practice. Complimenting your assistant for helping with a complex case, thanking the front desk team for working out an insurance issue with a patient, praising the hygienist for reminding a patient about an incomplete treatment plan -- these are a just a few examples of NOT taking your team for granted.

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