Texas dentist's license suspended

A Houston dentist has had her license temporarily suspended after she failed to call emergency personnel when a young patient experienced seizures after being sedated.

The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners suspended the license of Bethaniel Jefferson, DDS, for "dishonorable conduct when providing dental care to a minor patient" during a January 7 procedure, according to the board's January 20 decision.

After being sedated, the child began having seizures, but instead of calling paramedics, Dr. Jefferson tried to treat the child with triazolam, according to the board. The child sustained "severe brain injury as a result," the decision states. The decision was based on Dr. Jefferson's "failure to meet standard of care" and her "previous disciplinary action related to the sedation of a minor patient that may place her patients at continued risk of serious harm," the board stated.

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