Do's and don'ts for promoting your implant services

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Given the huge number of edentulous people, most patients are likely to know someone who could benefit from implant treatment. This service should get special attention during the new patient orientation as well as appointments with existing patients. Creating greater awareness of implants can lead to referrals of family members, friends, and other acquaintances.


Promote implants to aging baby boomers. From a marketing standpoint, implants are ideally suited to this generation. Boomers associate missing teeth and dentures with "old people" not with themselves, so they are predisposed to accept implants. Emphasize quality-of-life and appearance benefits, and your practice will be able to increase production with this growing market segment.


Don't forget that emotions play a big role in the decision to get an implant. Many decisions made by patients about getting treatment are driven by the fact that the patient needs the service. The implant candidate must want an implant. Therefore, you should focus on promoting the benefits and value of implants.

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