Products to look for at Chicago Midwinter 2018: Part 2

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A highlight of the upcoming 2018 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting will be the vast exhibit hall, where hundreds of companies will showcase their products. Here we bring you a part two of our preview of new and recently introduced products to look for while you're walking through McCormick Place in Chicago.

Part two of our preview of new products on display includes imaging, infection control, oral care, pain management, practice management, and restorative products. You can see part one of our new products preview here.


MouthWatch debuts teledentistry starter kit

MouthWatch is launching a teledentistry starter kit for dental practices.

The TeleDent Referral Engine starter kit contains two intraoral cameras, two laptops, two licenses for the company's software, and more. The kit enables out-of-the box clinical collaboration.

The teledentistry platform can improve workflow and team communication, according to the company. It is appropriate for use in private practice.

See the kit at booth No. 4143.

Screenshots of the TeleDent Referral Engine starter kit. Image courtesy of MouthWatch.Screenshots of the TeleDent Referral Engine starter kit. Image courtesy of MouthWatch.

Infection control

Hu-Friedy introduces new surface disinfectant

Hu-Friedy is debuting a new surface disinfectant at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

The AdvantaClear surface disinfectant kills a broad spectrum of disease-causing microorganisms on surfaces such as acrylic, brass, copper, stainless steel, and more.

The intermediate-level disinfectant is ready-to-use and designed to clean and disinfect surfaces in one minute. It is effective against microorganisms such as influenza A virus (H1N1), tuberculosis, and other pathogens.

See the product at booth No. 3805.

The AdvantaClear surface disinfectant. Image courtesy of Hu-Friedy.The AdvantaClear surface disinfectant. Image courtesy of Hu-Friedy.

Oral care

Colgate launches products for dry mouth

Colgate is launching a new oral rinse and toothpaste for patients with dry mouth.

Colgate Hydris oral rinse and toothpaste provide four hours of comfort while freshening a patient's breath. The hydramint-flavored toothpaste contains sodium fluoride to fight cavities.

See the products at booth No. 2218.

Pain management

Gingi-Pak debuts new oral anesthetic gel

Soft-tissue management product company Gingi-Pak is introducing an oral anesthetic gel in a syringe.

The GingiCaine oral anesthetic gel comes in a preloaded syringe with 1.2 mL of gel. Using a syringe means the practitioner can deliver anesthetic directly to the region of the mouth being treated rather than numbing the entire mouth.

See the gel at booth No. 1711.

Practice management

Anatomage updates software

Medical device company Anatomage is releasing an update of its macOS software.

The company's InvivoMac software version 6.0 features implant planning, restoration design, airway analysis, and more. Anotamage is also working with software development firm MacPractice to simplify file management by automating the import of 3D treatment planning files into a patient's record.

See the software at booth No. 1940.

Florida Probe releases perio software update

Periodontal probing and charting company Florida Probe is featuring its updated periodontal charting software at the Chicago meeting.

Florida Probe version 10 periodontal charting software includes links to more than 50 dental practice management software companies. The software also contains more than 40 voice callouts to educate patients about various periodontal treatments.

The software is appropriate for multiple-location practices and works with all the company's products.

See the software at booth No. 2140.

Sikka debuts practice management software

Sikka Software is launching new productivity software at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

The Hydra SmartBoard software guides the entire dental team through daily tasks and activities. The software also features productivity tracking and internal messaging.

The software is compliant with both HIPAA and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act regulations.

See the software at booth No. 1613.

Hydra SmartBoard software. Image courtesy of Sikka Software.Hydra SmartBoard software. Image courtesy of Sikka Software.


Parkell launches new composite

Dental supply manufacturer Parkell is debuting a new restorative composite.

The LC Base is a flowable resin for use in both anterior and posterior restorations. The product has a high-flow, self-leveling consistency and can conform to irregular, deep preparations. It is available in universal (A1/A2) and enamel shades.

See the composite at booth No. 1217.

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