Do's and don'ts for planning: Build a 5-year plan for your practice

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Developing a five-year plan is one of the most powerful things that you can do for your practice. It forces a practice leader to evaluate what they desire, what matters most, and what is achievable. It's not about chasing the impossible or building the next billion dollar company. It's creating a realistic plan about where you want your practice and personal life to be in five years with enjoyment and success along the way.


Get rid of all distractions and brainstorm. Sit down in a room with a blank pad -- no TV, no music, and no cellphone. Then focus on this one question: Where do I want my practice and personal life to be in five years? Record business goals on the left, and record personal goals on the right. Even if you have no idea of what to write, stay focused on the question and ideas will eventually begin to flow.


Don't forget to review your plan create deadlines. Once you've finished your five-year plan, make time to do a weekly review of your progress. Many people have created fantastic goals only to never look at them ever again. A weekly review will help you focus, stay on schedule, and find any necessary resources. This is how goal setting works.

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