Do's and dont's for setting goals and targets: Stay on track

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It's easy to get caught up in daily routines and lose sight of the big picture. Your practice vision will never be realized without setting goals and targets. Post a written practice vision and goals where all team members will see them, and review them at every team meeting. Also monitor specific performance targets and report on progress toward hitting them at staff meetings. These reminders will help keep everyone focused on moving forward.


Write goals in clear, specific language. Documenting goals in this way actually makes them more attainable. By having carefully defined written goals, your entire practice team will be motivated to achieve them. Vague, general objectives -- or worse, goals that aren't even written down -- lack this motivational power.


Don't forget to set weekly and monthly marketing targets. Measurable targets help drive performance. If the target is to increase patient referrals 15% annually, you must also set weekly and monthly targets to reach that year-end goal. Plan your strategies so that marketing activities are consistent and ongoing throughout the year.

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