New data break down dentist stats by state, specialty

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General dentists are once again the most common type of dentists, according to newly published data from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The data break down dentist statistics by gender, specialty, and state.

The Kaiser Family Foundation maintains a database of national and state information on healthcare providers, health coverage, and access to care. The latest data from October 2017 show that there are 188,970 professionally active dentists in the U.S, down from 210,187 dentists in 2015. Out of active dentists, 80% are general dentists and 68% are male.

Dentists are also not evenly distributed across the U.S. Nearly 30,000 dentists, or 15% of all dentists, are located in California, followed by 14,000 dentists in both New York and Texas. California has more than 100 times the number of dentists as the state with the fewest dentists, Wyoming, which has only 281 professionally active dentists.

Want to learn more? View the infographic below to see the most popular dental specialties as of October 2017.

Top dental specialties, 2017
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