Do's and don'ts for feedback: Use compliments and complaints to improve your practice

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Both positive and negative feedback can help you to improve your practice. Compliments feel great, provide you and your staff with a mental boost, and let you know that you're moving in the right direction. And while receiving patient complaints is never fun, they can help alert you to mistakes that you may not even be aware of. Be sure to use all feedback to your advantage in creating the best experience for your patients.


Create an environment where feedback is truly welcome. Whether from patients or team members, constructive feedback can help you increase efficiency, profitability, and career satisfaction. But if you react defensively or ignore suggestions for improvement, you'll eventually be cut off from this invaluable resource.


Don't forget to give patients credit when you make improvements based on their suggestions. When you make changes based on patient feedback, let patients know that you're responding to -- and appreciate -- their suggestions. This will demonstrate that you value their opinions highly and will also encourage them to offer more improvement ideas.

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