Do's and don'ts for teamwork: Encourage teamwork

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In a well-run practice, each team member's individual responsibilities are clearly spelled out. Yet there are always opportunities for staff members to help others. Think about how teammates can assist each other. Share information and insights. Suggest ideas and improvements. Encourage staff members to volunteer for each other when necessary. The more the team works together and supports each other, the better the team as a whole will perform.


Always do what you say you're going to do. If others on the team are depending on you to complete a task before they can proceed with their responsibilities, be a good teammate. Give them your best estimate of when you will complete your step, and make sure you live up to that commitment by finishing on time. It's better to predict later completion than to promise an earlier time and then fail to live up to your promise.


Don't forget to set clear expectations. To perform well, team members need to know what they are supposed to accomplish. Providing staff accurate job descriptions helps them fully understand what they will be held accountable for. If specific tasks need to be completed on a certain day, the dentist should convey that information to staff members during the morning meeting.

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