Do's and don'ts for staff absences

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Keeping the office running smoothly during staff absences

Summer is here and everyone -- including your staff -- is taking time off for beaches, barbeques, and sun-filled fun. This can cause some anxiety about things falling apart at the office, but there's no need to panic if you plan ahead. Come up with a game plan for the times when every team member is absent, inform and train your staff, and make sure everyone is on the same page.


Learn everyone else's job description. Rather than assuming you know what others on the practice team are supposed to do, review the responsibilities that have been assigned to everyone you work with. Then, when a staff member is absent or needs assistance, you can help keep the practice running smoothly.


Don't shy away from stepping up when you see an opportunity. On days when someone is sick or on vacation, you may have to pitch in and perform other activities. A good attitude can get everyone through a challenging day. If there are opportunities to be cross-trained, take advantage of them.

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