Dental groups urge revamp of licensing process

Three dental organizations have joined forces to urge state dental boards to eliminate single-encounter, procedure-based examinations on patients during the dental licensure examination and to make other reforms in the licensing process.

The ADA, the American Dental Education Association, and the American Student Dental Association also called for states to allow for increased licensure portability and to work together to establish a common core of credentials for licensure that can serve as a basis for licensure compacts among U.S. states.

The three organizations stated that they are concerned that treating a single patient just one time does not lead to an accurate reflection of the skill set and knowledge expected of a dentist. They also cited the ethical and treatment challenges the single-encounter examination poses for patients, test takers, dental schools, and the profession.

The associations formed the Coalition for Modernizing Dental Licensure and released a report, which can be accessed on the ADA website.

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