3 ways to stay positively motivated

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There are many different reasons why you might experience some sort of fear in your practice. Maybe you're performing a difficult procedure, seeing a new patient for the first time, or are concerned about a new investment in technology.

But over time, this fear can build up and begin to restrict productivity and innovation in your practice. So it becomes necessary to come up with strategies to minimize fear and encourage positivity.

3 ways

Jen Butler, MEd.Jen Butler, MEd.

How can you overcome this all-too-common fear and build a culture of positivity and productive work in your practice? I work with my clients to develop a practice of positive thinking. These thoughts can help restore a sense of optimism and productivity.

Here are three ways to do so.

1. Draw inspiration from previous successes

A dentist can always look back at previous successes to draw motivation and positivity. For cases that you feel unmotivated about or that fill you with fear, pausing to reflect on your past successes can refocus your thinking in a more hopeful and positive direction.

This reflection on past successes can be used as a building block for future ones.

2. Have the right attitude

“The importance of positive energy cannot be emphasized enough.”

Starting the day with the right attitude will go a long way in maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day. Beginning the day in an enthusiastic mood with smiles, the right tone, and empathy toward the patients leads to a dentist who feels fulfilled.

One side effect of a positive attitude is that it spreads. You might find your team is upbeat and more productive as your positive attitude radiates.

3. Draw inspiration from your patients

Interacting with patients also could go a long way in instilling positivity. The more comfortable you feel with your patients, the more confident your team and you are during procedures.

The importance of positive energy cannot be emphasized enough. The degree of confidence in a dental practice rises drastically when the whole team is positive and optimistic.

Jen Butler, MEd, has worked in the area of stress management and resilience training for more than 25 years. Register to hear her podcast. You can also contact her via email.

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