Do's and don'ts for change: Implement change effectively

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One of the challenges of a dental practice as a business is that there is very little time to identify and implement change. Whether it's revising the insurance code or revamping the entire new patient onboarding process, these changes have to occur while the practice is functioning at full speed. It's very similar to changing a tire while the car is going 65 miles an hour. For success, you'll need to involve your team at every stage.


Make one change at a time. While there may be numerous systems in your practice that require your attention, it's unwise to tackle too much at one time. Identify one key area that needs change, improvement, or innovation. While it may seem desirable to get everything off you or your office manager's plate, your team can only absorb so much while they're handling their normal day-to-day responsibilities.


Don't forget to ask for feedback. While you may know that it's time for change, you may not always know where to begin. Look to your staff. All members of your practice team use management systems, so their thoughts about how to improve operations are invaluable. Always be proactive about gathering feedback and ideas from staff members. They can offer valuable insights that can help you key in on specific areas for change.

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