Tips for a green practice: Video interview with Dr. Lisa Knowles

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When it comes to creating a green dental practice, it's all about the little things, according to Lisa Knowles, DDS. She spoke with about sustainable dentistry at the California Dental Association's recent 2019 CDA Presents meeting in Anaheim, CA.

Dr. Knowles, who uses sustainable techniques within her own private practice, emphasized the importance of being mindful about product and packaging choices. She also noted the importance of taking the time to make environmentally friendly choices easy for the team.

"It's being intentional," Dr. Knowles said. "A lot of times, we'll just do what's fastest and easiest. You have to take just a second longer to think about being environmentally conscious, such as 'What can I do that maybe isn't using plastic?' "

Watch the video below to learn more about green dentistry and little ways to make your practice more environmentally friendly.

Lisa Knowles, DDS, spoke about green dentistry at the 2019 CDA Presents meeting in Anaheim.

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