Do's and don'ts for staying on top of collections

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Production -- no matter how much it increases -- doesn't count unless the practice collects its fees. Review your policies and do what's needed to tighten up collections.

Require payment, including co-pays, upfront. File accurate insurance claims quickly, and stay on top of the insurance companies. Finally, pursue overdue accounts diligently with the Rule of Threes: three phone calls (preferably cell) a week for three weeks, then three emails a week for three weeks, and finally three letters a week for three weeks.


Review your collections process. If your collections rate is less than 99%, take a close look at the systems you're using to collect overdue fees. Start with these questions:

  • Do you have documented, step-by-step systems for your financial coordinator to follow?
  • Is your financial coordinator fully trained on those systems?
  • Are there set times when your team member works on collecting overdue accounts?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you need to improve your collections process.


Don't procrastinate on overdue accounts. The longer you wait for overdue payments, the less likely you are to collect. Contact patients who owe money to the practice when they're one day past due. This will send a clear message that you're serious about collections. Also, use "an ounce of prevention" and try to collect all fees, including co-pays, at the time of service.

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